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Boarding Schools in Europe Europe is a continent of the many wonderful works of science and technology. It is also a dream destination of many students and professionals. Boarding Schools in Europe are among the best as the continent is the largest in terms of economy.

If you’re looking for untouched wilderness you can still find it in Europe. So, why not make your boarding life experience in this beautiful and most progressive continent of the world.

The following are the best destinations in Europe why you should consider this continent in your boarding school plans maybe for the next semester.

Almost all the 48 countries in Europe have all what it takes to stay there. You can find not only amazing wonders of nature but also the many inventions and discoveries of science and technology. There are also many national parks in the continent you would love to stay if you’re saving a dime.

Boarding schools in Europe could also mean a travel to the best places of the world where most of the wonders of the world are to be located. In Germany alone, your stay could be worth the money you have to spend. Germany now is Europe’s number one in terms of economy and the level of education in said country is really competitive.

Europe is also home of the many history and civilization. If you are a student who would always love to study history and culture, this continent is also among the best.

Boarding schools in Europe would also mean a discovery of the many creations of science and technology. In fact, the continent is fast becoming the number one destination of the world. The Euro currency has even outsmarted the US dollar, as you can see in european financial information. This alone speaks that Europe is now a dream destination of students, travellers, professionals, vacationers and all walks of life.

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Academia Fortelor Terestre "Nicolae Balcescu"
Military School
Co-ed - Grades Academy
Sibiu (Romania)

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Aiglon College
Private School
Co-ed - Grades 
Chesières-Villars (Switzerland)

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American International School-Salzburg
Boarding & Day School, College Preparatory, Private School
Co-ed - Grades 7 - 12
Salzburg (Austria)

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Ampleforth Colle
Boarding & Day School, College Preparatory, Private School, Religious School
Catholic Co-ed - Grades 6 - 12
York, Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

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Ardingly College
Boarding & Day School, Private School
Co-ed - Grades 2 - 6
Haywards Heath, West Sussex (United Kingdom)

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