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Catholic Boarding Schools A Catholic boarding school is another type of institution which has already gained acceptance not only in the US and European countries but also world wide. The schools are usually run by nuns and religious orders and they operate as private institutions. Catholic boarding schools are also usually college prep schools. However, there are also junior boarding schools that are run by catholic religious orders as well as all-boys catholic boarding schools and all-girls catholic boarding schools.

Catholic boarding schools teach their students to live according the catholic religion. They will not only be taught from the bible, but also from the other educational books like on other boarding school. The way of living and teaching will be emphasized on the catholic religion.

The main study of the Catholic boarding school is to live a religious life following the dogmas and orders of the Catholic faith. As far as educational program students do not only focus on religion but like any other normal boarding college prep schools they also follow subject matters such as English, Humanities, Economics, Math, etc.

The following are major activities if you enrol your kids in catholic boarding schools.

Normal educational programs

Like any other normal boarding schools, the Catholic boarding schools also follow the natural flow of the learning process with subjects from English, math, humanities, biology, and theology. They would also undergo periodic exams to test how far they have learned in boarding schools. Since most catholic schools are non-stock and non-profit schools you can expect a very reasonable tuition fee as compared to private boarding schools.

Bible study

There are regular bible sharing and studies in catholic boarding schools in which your child can learn to live a boarding religious life. This is especially now that the young generations catholic beliefs are threaten by many religious denominations. Professors in this kind of institutions are also known religious educators and they have vast educational background and masteral degrees in religion.


Students join lively excursions in various places of religious importance so that the study is more exciting. You can hardly find maximized educational process including educational tours and excursions in traditional schools. Truly, the educational system in a boarding school is very different from traditional schools much more in religious boarding schools.

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