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Public Residential Boarding Schools Public residential boarding schools are institutions run and operated by the government – be it local or national government. The funds for this kind of institution are coming from the coffers of the government and it is budgeted and debated by the council every year. However, there are not much of these government-operated schools as compared to private boarding schools which you can find many in the US and other developed countries. Public residential boarding schools have also lesser budget as budget allocations are dependent on the income of the school. That is why the private boarding schools are more beautiful and pleasing to look at when compared to government schools such as this one.

As far as board and lodging fees, the government-run schools are, however, much lower than private boarding schools. This is also the main reason why many average families still prefer public residential boarding schools. They can afford the fees and the quality of education is not too far also from private institutions as some public boarding schools even topped in invitational quiz bees and other academic contests sponsored by private companies. Below are major reasons why public residential boarding schools are still recommended institutions for the students.

- Public residential boarding schools are run and subsidized by the government. Even the institution maybe losing in several months they continue to exist because the professor’s salaries and wages are not dependent on the school’s income.

- Public residential boarding schools are lenient in collecting tuition fees as compared to private boarding schools. The government can employ many instructors since they have enough funding for education.

- Public residential boarding schools are situated in strategic locations and transportations are not a problem when students go home during weekends. This means they have no problems in transportations since most public schools are located near the suburbs.

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