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Boarding Schools Grades Boarding schools are classified into different grades as well as name classifications depending on the grade level. The age of kids that are usually enrolled by parents start from three years old and up. Parents believe the earlier the children are enrolled the easier they can learn when they enter formal kindergarten schools. There are even schools now that offer toddlers and play classification for kids in some schools in the US and other countries.

The following are classification of boarding school grades for your easy knowledge if you are a parent who is now considering enrolling your kids as young as they are:


This level is for children who are not yet accepted in formal years of schooling which is seven years old. For this pre-school boarding program there are schools that even offer toddlers and play classification for children two year’s until four years old.


This is also a kind of class which is preparatory for children who enters formal schooling like in grade 1st. The junior kindergarten is usually 5 years old while the senior kindergarten is six years old. Senior kindergarten graduates are already qualified to enter grade 1 or the formal start of the elementary education.

Junior boarding

Enrolled in this category are children ages eight years old and below. However, there are junior boarding schools that do not only accept junior boarding grades but also college prep grades.

College prep

This is called high school education for students. College prep boarding schools are very visible in the US and other developed countries of the world. There are also all boys and all girls boarding schools as well as co-ed college prep boarding schools. However, there are also boarding schools that grade classification and they are accepting even six years old to the junior boarding program which is usually 7-12 years old.

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