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All Girls Boarding Schools An all-girl boarding school is another effective method of giving quality and focused education among local and international students. Today, we can find many of this type of boarding school in the US and other countries of the world. In this school only the professor and boarding school attendants are maybe boys. In some schools, even professors and boarding school attendants are also girls to make sure everyone is at ease with no boys around every single minute of the day. The purpose of which is to give focus on the studies of the all-girl boarding students as top priority. This institution is usually run by private catholic and other religious orders and denominations.


The facilities in this type of boarding school are also designed for women standards such as the playground, swimming pools, resident houses, laundry areas and all other facilities to make easy for the resident students to do the daily chores. All-girl boarding is one of the best examples of a quality boarding school. The schools are usually located in remote places from cities to make it a solemn and respectable place for study. They are commonly run by religious orders as for example Dominican sisters. Normally their students come from all over the world, especially from developed countries.

The resident houses are commonly amazing and each boarding rooms house three students. They normally have separate bedrooms, study tables and other room amenities to make the boarding experience memorable. Boarding schools for girls have always complimented its academic subjects on important extra-curricular activities such as the many opportunities in athletics, dance, music, student government, clubs, and religious services if a religious education is being offered. The opportunity to become a student leader is also among the exciting student life experience at an all-girl boarding school. The number of students is only limited at 50 or 60 approximately to ensure that the quality of education is always a top priority.

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